bike insurance

Bike Insurance

When driving any type of vehicle on the road we need to take out insurance cover, whether it is a car, van, lorry or motorbike, the same rules apply. Many people own a motorcycle using them to travel to work or sometimes for pleasure taking a trip out into the countryside. What would happen if an accident occurred and riders did not have insurance cover? Obviously they would be in a whole heap of trouble so ensuring you have a good insurance policy that covers all eventualities is essential for peace of mind and to make sure you are not saddled with huge bills in the form of claims against you.

Why does Motorbike Insurance Cost so Much?

This is most likely due to the risk factor. Everything we do in life carries a risk, riding a motorbike is considered a high risk pursuit. Motor Cyclists only make up 1% of road traffic but unfortunately when it comes to road traffic accidents they suffer 20% fatalities. Many things are looked at when you apply for Motorbike Insurance such as your age and what type of bike you are riding. This then affects the premium you will pay.

Where will I find Affordable Motorbike Insurance Cover?

The best place to go when you are thinking of looking for Motorbike Insurance is on a comparison website. These sites are really useful as they take the stress, worry and time consumption out of looking for a good deal. Comparison sites cover many providers in terms of what they offer plus what they cost, dealing in comparisons for a whole range of products including Motorbike Insurance.

What are the Main Types of Motorbike Insurance Cover?

There are three types namely Third Party, Third Party Fire & Theft and Fully Comprehensive Insurance.

  1. Third Party has minimum cover for injury or damage to a third party or their property. You cannot claim for damage to your own bike or personal injury
  2. Third Party Fire & Theft has more cover in respect of if your bike is stolen or sets on fire
  3. Fully Comprehensive covers everything bringing reassurance to motor cyclists should the worse happen

Will the Type of Bike Influence the Cost of Insurance?

It most certainly will affect the cost of insurance. The more powerful or supped up type of motorbike you buy the more costly the premiums will be. This is obvious really as there is more likelihood of an accident occurring with a more powerful bike due to riding at high speed. This applies to top of the range models too. Each type of motorbike is allocated to a group. Lower ones have the cheaper less powerful bikes in them, while the higher groups have the costlier more powerful bikes. There are approximately twenty different groups.

What Other Facts Will Influence My Premium?

Riders who add modifications to their bikes will pay higher premiums as will riders who have a higher mileage tally. Consequently the more you use your motorbike plus the more miles you do the more likely it is assessed you will be at risk of having an accident leading to higher premiums. Your riding history plus where you live are also influential factors.

Is There Any Way I Can Bring My Premiums Down?

Yes motorcyclists can bring down the cost of their premiums in certain ways. For instance

  1. Attending advanced cycling courses that are run by recognised organisations such as the BMF (British Motorcyclists Federation). The courses are not run free of charge but in the long run riders will save money by gaining lower premiums due to the qualification.
  2. Bike security is another area. Keeping your motorbike in a garage overnight will certainly lower your premiums as will the use of secure locks or chains when parking in your driveway or road when not in use. Fitting an alarm is another way.
  3. Insuring for you only will save money. This means you will be the only person insured to ride your motorbike. If others wish to do so with your consent they will need to take out their own insurance cover.
  4. Don’t have anyone riding pillion. Riders who don’t carry passengers will get cheaper rates.
  5. Not using your motorbike to ride to work is also advantageous as it is cheaper to insure just for pleasure purposes.

Can I Earn a No Claims Bonus for Motorbike Insurance?

Yes this is possible you just need to ask your insurer about it. Some insurers will even transfer a no claims bonus from car insurance, so check that too

Are There any Additional Extras I Can Cover?

  1. Legal Expenses Cover. This is added insurance cover when an accident was not your fault
  2. Personal Accident Cover. Guarantees a one off cash payment following an accident
  3. Helmet & Leathers Cover. Insures against damage to both
  4. Extended Warranty Cover
  5. Breakdown Cover

Make sure you can embark on your journey safe in the knowledge that all eventualities are covered. Take out good Bike Insurance cover along with adequate Breakdown Cover to ensure you have peace of mind and feel secure.

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