Mobile Insurance

Mobile Insurance

As mobile phones get more and more powerful their price goes up. It's natural for us to not to think about insuring our phone as most of us get one free on contract so we never really think of it's actual replacement value. The typical phone on contract now can cost anything above £300 which is a pretty expensive piece of equipment, especially considering it's with us most of the day and is therefore more prone to accidental damage, loss or theft.

Phone insurance can be relatively cheap compared to the replacement cost so you should consider the following providers below before you make your mind up on whether to insure yours or not:

Protect Your Bubble Mobile Insurance

Gadget Insurance

From £1.49 per month*

Accidental & Liquid Damage

Theft & Optional Loss - from an extra £1.50/month

Up to 15% Multi-Gadget Discount

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Mobile Insurance UK

Your first month of mobile insurance is totally FREE.

Their underwriters have supplied UK Mobile Network providers and high street retailers for many years Save in excess of 25% off high street retailer prices

Their insurance policies are underwritten by Ageas Insurance Limited

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What type of phone should I consider insuring?

Most smart phones today are expensive to replace. Typical up to date examples include HTC One, LG G2, iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 5. All these phones cost £300-£500 so if they are damaged, lost or stolen they can be very expensive to buy outright. Comparing mobile phone insurance is worth your time considering the very low starting prices for cover and the comprehensiveness of the policies on offer.